2023 Season Schedule Update #2

Looking forward to the rest of the summer and fall racing. Here is how the schedule is sorting out:

  1. Weds: We will be finishing the Summer Series tonight then just the Fall Series, which is just 7 more Wednesdays, it ends the second week of September.
  2. STYC Down the Sound: This Saturday,

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2023 Season Start Update #1

Sunrise on the way to Round the County race 2022

2023 Updates and Annoucements
Time to come out of hibernation.  First, I hope everyone had a relaxing winter, but time to start planing for the racing season/events this year– the days are getting longer and the first race may be just 3 weeks away. Just update me if you are in/out for this year and update you profile, …

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2022 Season Start Update #3

Still obstacles to getting the season started. It was a good idea to cancel Blakely Rock yesterday. CSR did delay having the boat ready. We weren’t able to move her until Saturday AM but now back at Shilshole. The minor issue is getting the rigged tuned. It isn’t as close to where we want it so will take a little more work which may impact PSSR race this coming weekend. …

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Season Start Update #2

The schedule and start of the season are evolving so here’s an update:
Shada was delayed out of CSR which eliminated all the pre-season rig tunning and practices. The new rod standing rigging wasn’t just right so it had to go back and get fixed. Got completed end of last week, just waiting to leave the yard. …

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2022 Racing Season Update

Shada at CSR February 2022
Shada should be out of the yard next late week. New racing bottom, new standing rod rigging, new furler, new halyard sheaves, new turnbuckles so we can tune the rig, rudder inspected, we now have our steaming light back and the rotten anchor locker bulkhead was repaired. 
Anticipating the first race to be Sloop Tavern’s Blakely Rock race on Saturday, …

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Crew Members Set Your Password & Availability

Crew members added to the J/109 Shada website are provided directions for setting their password, updating their profile and setting availability for events. Below are directions on how to log in for the first time and set your password. If there is a problem logging in and setting your password, please email the Skipper (Jerry Woodfield) for help!  …

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One Button Adds the Boat Calendar to Yours!

There is a handy feature built into the crew website that permits adding the J/109 Shada calendar to your own.  This means you don’t need to type in the schedule manually.  It will show all boat events displayed on the website calendar.  This feature supports most electronic calendars including Outlook, Google, Apple Calendar and a universal Export to XML version.  …

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Directions for the New Crew Website

A Crew tutorial is available that provides a website explanation and how to use Crew Manager features.  This has pictures and a bulleted list with explanations.  If you submit a change in your availability for a scheduled event, the Skipper is automatically notified via email.
Click to View – Crew Member Directions for the Team Website

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The New Team Website

We have introduced a new J/109 Shada team website.  This has a calendar to list all events for which the boat will be scheduled.  The crew is able to set their availability for each event.  The site displays a calendar post integrated with a crew signup feature.  An email notification / reminder for upcoming events is included.  …

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